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🔮The High Priestess Tarot Ritual Bath Bomb

🔮The High Priestess Tarot Ritual Bath Bomb

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  ✨🔮The High Priestess🔮✨ is the guardian of Self--she is the inner voice, she is the gospel truth, with an intuitive understanding of nature in all forms. In our life journey, the High Priestess points us in the direction of authenticity, and she urges that we value the principles that speak to us directly from Spirit. When we draw this card in the Tarot it means we must take an introspective look at our own decisions to ensure we are living with verisimilitude, with color, with truth.


A beautiful blend of citrus, Turkish rose, geranium, lemon and Tonka bean. Lemongrass Essential Oil. 
he oil of Rose, a flower known for promoting realism in romantic relationships and keeping malevolent energies at bay. We’ve also added Jasmine Blossoms, a plant sacred to the great Goddess and known to preserve psychic health.

Gently hold bath bomb into warm bath water and then slowly release to watch it  foam and fizz! 

⭐️Hand Crafted with Intention in Small Batches! Only a few available! 

✨French Rose Clay 

✨Mineral Rich Salts 

✨Skin - Loving Oil Mix. Calendula Infused 

✨Natural Fragrance (phthalate free) 

✨Essential Oil Of Lemongrass 


✨Synthetic Cosmetic Mica 


🔮The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings🔮 

Upright Meaning Guide✨

 Desirability, unattainability, mystery, sensuality, spirituality, thirst for knowledge, mystery, subconscious, higher power, creativity, fertility

General meaning and interpretation (Upright)

  The High Priestess possesses intuition, mystery and sensuality combined with common sense. When the High Priestess appears in a tarot reading she indicates that now is the time to trust your instincts and go with your gut feeling. Pay attention to your dreams and the signs and symbols the universe is sending you when this Major Arcana trump card appears in your tarot reading.


According to A. E. Waite's 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot, the High Priestess card is associated with: Secrets, mystery, the future as yet unrevealed; the woman who interests the Querent, if male; the Querent herself, if female; silence, tenacity; mystery, wisdom, science.


The High Priestess is a woman of mystery. She is associated with the moon, which shows that she is highly intuitive and has a deep connection with the feminine side of the universe. She has an innate understanding of its workings and an ability to see both sides of a story.


✨🔮Associated Powers🔮✨

  • Forbidden Knowledge.
  • Magic Detection.
  • Magic Intuition.


The High Priestess tarot card is connected to the Moon, the ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer (Water). This sign represents nurturing, protectiveness, divine feminine, sacred knowledge, and a strong connection to the past.

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In Love and Magick,


**CAUTION : Not for consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition. Please use caution entering and exiting your bath due to the moisturizing ingredients in Bath Bombs. Properly clean the tub after each use. Before purchasing please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. SOUL  ALCHEMY is **not** responsible for any reactions you might have.


  Please note that no product sold promises “phenomena or outcome attributed to a listing”.

I provide you the tools and supplies but you make the magic happen. The magick and energy comes from within you, the elements, spirits, gods and goddesses around you. Please take note when leaving a review. I do not promise any kind of outcome. I can only provide the supplies and tools for you to work your magick. I also do not provide directions on how to use my ritual supplies. There are many spells online and in books you can find on how to use any kind of ritual oil or other tools for the intended purpose.

Please be careful entering and exiting tubs. Please skin test for reactions or any allergens. Soul Alchemy apothecary is not responsible for any misuse of the products offered

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