Cord Cutting – Releasing What No Longer Serves You

Cord Cutting – Releasing What No Longer Serves You

April 14,2023

 Cord cutting is an ancient spiritual practice that helps to free us from the energetic ties that have been created with those we are in relationship with. When we experience something traumatic or difficult within our relationships we can unknowingly create energetic cords that keep us bound to the experience. These cords can be likened to an umbilical cord that can create an energetic pull and draw us back into the experience.

The practice of cord cutting helps to release what no longer serves us and can be an incredibly powerful tool in healing, growth, and transformation. It can help to create more space for peace, harmony, and balance within our relationships.

Here is a simple magickal ritual that you can use to perform a cord cutting ceremony:

  • Set an intention of releasing all that no longer serves you.
  • Visualize yourself surrounded by an ethereal, magickal, and soulful energy.
  • Breathe deeply and imagine that all the cords that bind you to the experience are being cut away.
  • Imagine that the released energy is being transformed into light, love, and joy.
  • Give thanks to the universe for releasing what no longer serves you.

It is important to remember that this is a process and it is possible to experience discomfort and fear as we move through the process. It is important to be gentle with yourself, trust the process, and keep your focus on the positive outcomes that you desire.

Cord cutting can be an incredibly powerful tool in freeing us from the energetic ties that we have created and helping us to create more peace, harmony, and balance in our lives. Through regular practice, you can create a life that is full of joy, love, and abundance.


 Love and Magick!,


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